About us

Your business is as important to us than it is to you. We hear you when you say you have problems with your delivery and we make his opportunity to serve you count. With a lot of years invested in this company, we make sure that our customer’s goals coincide with ours. As much as our clients and our clients’ customers value time and efficiency, in our company we make it our task by task practice to do so.  

It has been a privilege to be in this service of helping you grow your business while providing customer satisfaction at the same time. As a company that values your business growth, we are also focused in our company’s growth as well, through this we are open to your suggestions on how we can better help in your shipping needs. Contact us today. 

Our services tackle all the steps that comes with your shipment needs, from retail distribution to fulfilling your order. We cater to everyone in Canada.  

If you are interested in shipping with us, connect with Canadian carriers today and we assure the care that is placed in your shipment. We value your experience more than anything else and of course our aim to give you an excellent service. More than that, our call values here in QRC Logistics does not limit us to only be accountable of your shipment but making sure that we respond and be flexible in your needs as well. We value innovation as well to bring you a better and accurate shipment service.