Five Common Diseases of Avocado Trees

Many homeowners have begun realizing the need to grow their own food and fruits in their garden, and one of the fruits that are considered to be healthy is avocado. Avocado can be used for different recipes at home and it is very flexible that is also used for different beauty regimens.  


When you want to grow your own avocado tree, or if you are already growing some, you will also need to be informed about the different diseases that this tree is very susceptible to. And if you are planning to clear your diseased trees and want to plant anew, you may want to hire Charlottesville tree removal for a safe removal procedure.  


The following are the common diseases of avocados trees from the common pathogens that afflict all plant species to specific diseases that affect avocados alone.  


1.Armillaria Root Rot 

This disease can affect different kinds of plants including avocados. When avocados ahs this disease, falling yellow leaves as well as reduced vigor of the tree could be noticed. This continues until the avocado can no longer sustain life.  


2.Phytophthora Canker 

This disease is a kind of disease that mostly affects avocados, although it may also affect other plant species. Some trees may survive longer than others while others cannot live longer when inflicted by this disease. The disease is characterized by dark-colored cankers and sap-like fluids oozing from the trees. 


3.Avocado Black Streak 

This disease is considered to be one of the most destructive to trees including avocados. It is characterized by blotchy markings on the leaves, poor fruit production, and the yellowing of the tree’s foliage. When the disease persists due to a lack of treatment, this will cause the newly sprout branches to immediately die.  


4.Verticillium Wilt 

This is a common disease experienced by avocado trees. It is characterized by sudden wilting of the foliage on one side of the tree. Also, leaves will turn brown although they will not die immediately. They could stay on the branch for some time enough to provide small nourishment to the whole tree. When cutting a branch or two, you can check for gray streaks as it is also an indication of this disease.  


5.Dothiorella Canker 

This disease is also common for trees especially avocados. It is characterized by the formation of cankers that eventually produce and give off white powder that weakens the branches. From afar, the tree would look dead; however, it can still thrive with proper nourishment and maintenance.  


Spotting some symptoms of diseases may not be easy especially when there are variations of diseases that could inflict your trees. This is why it is important to keep vigilant and help your trees to be healthier.  


What is good about avocados is that they are stronger compared to other trees and there is a higher chance that they could survive the diseases that would inflict them. However, it is also important to provide them the proper nourishments like adequate water, sunlight, as well as nutrients for them to be able to survive disease just like what we have featured in this article.  

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